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Congratulations & welcome to Trendz Bridal!
Our Bridal stylist will provide you with the expertise that you require, Answering all your bridal questions and needs.
Our team offers top level of professionalism and artistry, sure to exceed your expectations. Our new Bridal Boutique is available for Girls Night Out, trials and more...

We look forward to becoming part of your memorable day!

For Optimum & Long Lasting Styling Results:

Schedule a roller set and hour before the appointment time.

Come in with hair washed and completely dried; preferably with some product in the hair.

Ideally, wash your hair in the morning the day before the appointment Do NOT flat iron your hair.


Choose the perfect stylist to work with you on your wedding day. Be sure to schedule hair, makeup and nail appointments for the wedding 6 months in advance, as well as scheduling your trials 2 months before the day of the wedding.

Prepare your skin for perfection on your wedding day! Set up a regime of facials, spray tanning to make your skin positively radiant for the occasion.

Now is the time to get those eyebrows in shape for the big day. Meet with our talented waxing and makeup team to discuss creating your perfect brow and maintaining them through your wedding day and beyond.

Let The Countdown Begin!


Schedule your last facial before wedding day

If your color, perm or Kerating Treatment your hair, get your last service 4 weeks before the wedding day. This is also a perfect time to get a trim to clean up and eliminate split ends before your wedding day.


Schedule your last brow sculpting appointment and any waxing for smooth and care-free skin a week before the date


Prepare your nails and toes with a spa manicure and spa pedicure. Get your last spray tanning.

Have your hair blown-out for your rehearsal dinner and to prepare it for your up- do the following day.

Bridal Menu

Holiday and Travel Fees May apply. Gratuity Not Included

In The Salon

For the Bride
Bridal Hair Trial $120 & up
Bridal Makeup Trial $120 & up
On the Wedding Day
Bridal Hair Style $200 & up
Bridal Glam Waves $250 & up
Bridal Makeup $200 & up
For the Bridal Party
Blow Dry $50 & up
Evening Style $100 & up
Glam Waves $130 & up
Makeup $95 & up
Clip-In Extensions $50 & up

(extensions not included)

On Location

For the Bride
Bridal Hair $250 & up
Bridal Makeup $250 & up
For the Bridal Party
Blowout $100 & up
Evening Style $200 & up
Glam Waves $300 & up
Makeup Application $160 & up

Girls Night Out

Relax and enjoy our Bridal Boutique. Designed for your total beauty needs and relaxation.


Blow Dry

Manicure Champagne Toast

2 person minimum, $120/guest


Blow Dry

Manicure / Pedicure

Spray Tanning

Champagne Toast

2 person minimum, $250/guest

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