Japanese Hair Straightening Service

Your arms hurt. (That blow-dryer is heavy!) Your wallet hurts. (Those weekly blowouts add up!) Your ego hurts. (Why oh why oh why can’t you have perfectly straight hair?) Take to Trendz, and get the Japanese straightener. This is not your normal chemical treatment. It takes between 3 to 5 hours. And it’s expensive. (Sad but true: Miracles don’t come cheap.) The results? Pin-straight, shiny, healthy hair—and no trace of frizz. Humidity?. The Japanese straightener eliminates frizz and unwanted curl while giving hair added texture and control. Leaves hair feeling soft and manageable. Like the Japanese women who share a common beauty trait: Straight, silky, shiny hair! There’s one big advantage of living in the 21st Century; it’s the constant stream of scientific breakthroughs in the billion-dollar beauty business that helps put things like the frizzies behind us once and for all. The Japanese Hair Straightening System is a great example of this. Originating in Japan, this system is used in conjunction with a flat iron that seals in the hair’s moisture and shine once the straightening process is completed. Before starting the process though, you’re invited to have a consultation where you’ll learn all about the product and what you can expect. The hair looks amazing. The straightening takes 3 to 5 hours – with chemical smells low – and excitement high! Our team of professionals Japanese Straightener System experts are meticulous and they process small sections of hair at a time. The Stylists will take into consideration the health and color of your hair for future maintenance. And since Japanese hairstraightening never looses its straightness, you simply return for two or three touchups a year.

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