Chocolate Extreme De-Frizzing Treatment, now available at Trendz./h6>

Who does not like dessert after a good meal? Same with our hair after you fill it with color, highlights, relaxers, sun, wind, chlorine, etc. Your hair will definitely appreciate a dessert after all of that. This is a moisturizing, structure strengthening, color protecting treatment that will repair surface damage. It is formulated with special ingredients that will integrate the amino acids lost by the use of cheicals back into the hair and replenish lost keratin back into the hair cuticle. You will have frizz free hair that is shiny, moisturized and easy to style. The key ingredient of this treatment are amino acids, cocoa butter and keratin. The specialized amino acid blend is new technology for hair care.

Unlike in the case of skin, the role naturally occuring amino acids play in the hair is not well known. Cocoa butter is the most highly stable, concentrated, natural moisturizer known. It also contains natural antioxidants.

The combination of these ingredients applied topically will interact in the hair to produce various cosmetic effects, such as:

  • Improve hair strength and hair shine
  • Improve dry feel of hair (combability, softness to the touch)
  • Improve the feel of wet hair
  • Improve color retention of dry hair

it is necessary to use a blow dryer and a flat iron that heats to 450 F in order for the ingredients to penetrate into the cuticles. This result is only possible by the use of high heat. The result of this procedure vary depending upon the texture of your hair. It will usually last from 2 to 4 months.

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