Light Concept Nails

Women of all ages and professions have shown a sustained and growing interest in the appearance of their hands and nails. Well groomed and stylish nail treatments are increasingly perceived as a clear statement about the personal pride of the individual wearing them and no product makes that statement better than Light Concept Nails. Light Concept Nails are a breakthrough product, the next generation of artificial nail technology. Make the switch today to safe healthy natural looking Light Concept Nails.

  • Better salon atmosphere – No harsh chemicals that often cause offensive odors.
  • LCN light cured products don’t yellow thus allowing you the option of wearing polish or not. They offer a healthy and natural looking appearance.
  • A more healthy salon environment. – No harmful vapors which often are a health concern for both the client and the manicurist.
  • No aggressive primers containing acid. All LCN products are nontoxic and non-aggressive which also provides for a healthy natural nails.

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