Trendz Salon at What Would You Do?

The Vitiligo episode shot at Trendz was on the air Friday, June 12th on ABC. The piece looks great! Take a look! Make sure to watch it! , What Would You Do? filmed a segment at Trendz Color & Design Salon. The purpose was to raise awareness for the skin disease Vitiligo, which causes pigmentation of the skin. The scenario played out in the nail salon area of Trendz where a hired actress posed as a nail technician servicing another hired actress who was affected by Vitiligo. Over the course of the day, the “nail technician” would say rude remarks to the actress with Vitiligo and feel uncomfortable touching her.

Throughout the day the customers of Trendz stepped in to defend our actress with Vitiligo. There were many great reactions and “heroes” of the piece who refused to stand for any type of discrimination in the salon. What Would You Do? would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who participated as well as Trendz Color & Design Salon for having us. Tune in this spring to catch this episode! Exact time and dates will follow.

Vitiligo Discrimination | What Would You Do? | WWYD

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